Until Dawn Review (Rue Morgue Magazine: Issue 160)

As I cling to the ledge, his hand outstretched towards mine, I must decide. Do I let go and die bloodied on the rocks with my sister, or let her fall into the black pit and take the stranger’s hand? Unlocking a fate I don’t entirely trust. Until Dawn can tug at your heartstrings, before…

Wrestlemania Trivia Night a ‘Stone Cold’ Success (and the bad guys won)

//storify.com/dellscott/tallboys-overflowed-with-wrestling-fans-for-wrestl/embed?header=false&border=false//storify.com/dellscott/tallboys-overflowed-with-wrestling-fans-for-wrestl.js?header=false&border=false[View the story “Wrestlemania trivia night is a ‘Stone Cold’ success ” on Storify] “>click for story